Go Slow Back

Sam Snead:

To overcome this rushing habit, go out on the practice tee and make yourself conscious of a perceptible pause at the top of the backswing. This will get you into an automatically slower pattern. (p.36)

[Sam Snead on Golf; Nicholas Kaye, 1961, p.36]

Go Slow Back

[Tune – Blue Danube – J Strauss II]

Go … slow … back … then … swish the clubhead through,
Keep holding your balance as you do.
Your balls will fly high – fly high – fly high
Up through the blue sky – blue sky – blue sky
The rhythm is slow – go slow – go slow
Just let the club flow – just flow – just flow
Turn … back … then …  unwind
And you’ll find
A new con-fi-dence will grow.

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