If You Ever Come

If You Ever Come to Play a Round at ‘our Course’

[Tune: Galway Bay – Arthur Colahan]

If you ever come to play a round at our course,
It may be near the end of golfing days,
If you ever come to play again at our course,
At the changes that you face, you’ll be amazed.

Our greenkeeper has been out with his machin’ry
And you don’t need me to tell you what that means.
He has totally transformed the golfing scen’ry
Pushed back tees and repositioned lakes and greens.

When you climb up on the 9th tee with your driver,
And try to gauge the challenges in hand,
All you see as you look out along the fairway
Are intimidating bunkers filled with sand.

The 11th is a long, long four for Seniors
Now the back tee of the 12th is out of sight.
And the tee shots from the 13th and the 15th
Give us old high-handicappers quite a fright.

If you come again to play a round at our course
Don’t you kid yourself it will be “just a breeze”.
It’ll tax the skills of any seasoned golfer
And quite likely leave you shaking at the knees … at your knees.

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