Jungle Golfer

Bobby Jones:

“Stewart Maiden universally is termed my teacher, and the general idea is that Stewart started teaching me as soon as I fell out of the cradle. This is quite wrong – I picked up my game watching him play, unconsciously, as a monkey and as imitatively.”

(RT Jones & OB Keeler: Down the Fairway; Geo. Allen & Unwin, 1927, p.43-4)

Jungle Golfer

[Tune: I wanna be like you – R & R Sherman]

I wanna be a king of the swingers, oh!
A golfing V.I.P.
But my game’s a flop, hit a full stop,
And that’s what’s botherin’ me.
I wanna be a golfing hero
And get my handicap down,
And be just like you other guys,
I’m tired of foozlin’ round.

Oh, oobee do,
I wanna drive like you-oo.
I wanna chip like you,
Putt like you, too-oo.
I hope it’s true-oo,
If I copy you-oo,
I can get to swing as well as you do too.

I can get to swing as well as you do too.

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