Look a Golfer

I Just Want to Look a Golfer

[Tune: I don’t want to join the army – Traditional]

I just want to look a golfer.
I just want to look the part.
I’ve learnt the etiquette
From the rule book that you get,
When you join as a beginner at your local golf club.
I want to seem to be a golfer.
From proper golfing dress I won’t depart.
I’ve a new electric trolley,
Bracket for my brolly,
And my shoes resemble modern works of art.

I want to seem to be a golfer,
Who looks like he could play.
I’ve bought a set of clubs,
Paid up all my subs.
All I need to do now is to hit the greens and fairways.
I try to appear to be a golfer.
I know it’s not an easy game to play,
But ‘ere my life I leave
I’d love to believe,
There’s just a chance of reaching scratch one day.

I don't want
Music from 8notes.com, licence Creative Commons Attribute 3.0

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