Nursery Putting

The Mark G. Harris Putting method:

The putting stroke is a full stroke in miniature but there are two other salient points…The first is the most pronounced crouch or bend over the ball…The centre of the putting swing…is the top of the spine between the shoulder blades. In the position which Mr. Harris adopts, the axis on which his shoulders rotate is practically parallel with the green. If anyone should know of any better mounting for a pendulum I would be interested to hear of it and be it remembered that the ideal putting stroke comes very near to the pendulum action.

[P.A. Vaile: Putting Made Easy, the Mark G. Harris Method; Reilly & Lee, Chicago, 1935, p.33]


Nursery putting

[Tune: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man – Traditional]

Eye Off the BallSepia

Swing like a pendulum, Putting Man,
Swing back and through just as smooth as you can;
Don’t peek when you’ve hit it, but count up to five:
– one – two – three – four – five –
Your reward will be hearing your ball take the dive.
Your ball take the dive,
Your ball take the dive,
Your reward will be hearing your ball take the dive.

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