Our Greenkeeper

Our Greenkeeper, He Set Out

[Tune: Good King Wenceslas – Traditional]

Our Greenkeeper, he set out
To improve this golf course
With dumper truck and JCB,
He’s faster still than Groundforce.
Even as you count to three
The greenkeepers together
Raised two fairways three-foot-three
In the fine, dry we-e-eather.

“What is lacking,” then quoth he,
“To help them with their short game?”
“A chipping green is what they need,”
Helpfully the thought came.
Turn your back and count to three,
There it is appearing –
No excuses now for me
That is what I’m fear-ear-ing.

Testing tee-shots were too few
“Find some longer carries.”
Four, six, twelve and thirteenth tees
Further back, the plan is.
Fearsome tee-shots face us now
As we sole our drivers.
If I bet against success,
I’d win many fi-i-vers.

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