The Mystery of Golf


Arnold Haultain on the Mental Side

To sum up, then, in what does the secret of golf lie? Not in one thing; but in many. And in many so mysteriously conjoined, so incomprehensively interwoven, as to baffle analysis. The mind plays as large a part as the muscles; and perhaps the moral nature as large a part as the mind. Suffice it to say that all golfers know that golf must be played seriously, earnestly; as seriously, as earnestly, as life…

Arnold Haultain: The Mystery of Golf ; Macmillan 2nd ed. 1912, p. 243]

The Mystery of Golf

[Tune: Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life – V Herbert]

Ah, sweet mystery of golf, at last I’ve found you,
Ah, sweet mystery of golf, at last you’re mine;
When those fluffs, and hooks and slices would confound you,
The key within your inner self you’re sure to find;
When your ego interferes with your unconscious,
And the tension in your muscles starts to bind,
Just relax into your nat’ral fluid motion
And you, subconsciously, will calm your mind.

Your anxiety’s the enemy within you,
When its tentacles come creeping up unseen.
Do not let its paralysing grasp unhinge you,
As you prepare to play towards the open green.
Just breathe deeply and move to your stillmost centre,
Concentrate your mind on nothing as you swing,
Don’t allow a single nagging doubt to enter,
To golf, your inner self, success will bring.

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