The Waggle

Sam Snead on the Waggle:

As you take your stance, you can warm up your motor with a few “waggles”. Instead of starting your club from a dead stop, keep your hands in motion and move the club slowly back and forth above the ball and along the line of flight. This will eliminate tension. It will give you a feel of the clubhead.

[Sam Snead on Golf; Nicholas Kaye, 1961, p.22]

Messing about with his waggle

[Tune: Messing about on the river – A Hatch]

We’re stood on the tee,
Him and us three,
While he’s messing about with his waggle.

He says it’s the thing
To start off the swing,
You line up your feet and then waggle.

He’s been reading this book by some old-fashioned pro,
“The Way to Par Golf in 8 Secrets or So”.
It says in this book that to make the swing flow,
You take up your stance and then waggle.

He takes up his stance,
Falls into a trance,
‘fore messing about with his waggle.

“We ain’t got all day,
We all want to play”,
Still he’s messing about with his waggle.

We teed off at eight but by hole number ten,
[slow] He’s scoring so well that we dare not complain…[pause]
So we say “What the Hell if we’re late home again,”
We’re all culti-va-ting our waggle!

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