Through Holy Grip

Harry Vardon on the Grip

So here we come to the to the first important point concerning the grip. It is that, whether the hands overlap or not, the thumbs and forefingers must be placed so as to shape into V’s…it is the desirability of having the hands contiguous which constitutes the great recommendation for the overlapping grip. For, with that method of holding the club, the two hands become practically one. They are wedded, and if the ceremony of wedding them is properly performed and a little forebearance be shown at the outset, when minor discomforts may be experienced, I can promise that they will live happily together ever after.

[Harry Vardon : How to Play Golf; Methuen, 1912, pp.82-3]

Through Holy Grip, our Swing’s Controlled

[Tune: Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire – Veni Creator (Mechlin)]

Through Ho-oly Gri-ip our swi-ing’s controll’d
By Vardon’s o-overla-apping hold.
The li-ittle fi-inger o-of the right
Rides on left i-index fi-inger’s height. [*]

The ve-es of thu-umb and fi-inger joint
O’er our right sho-oulder bo-oth must point.
The pre-essure o-of our gri-ip is light
So ‘gainst our wri-istcock i-it won’t fight.

When we-e stand u-up at o-our address
In both our fo-orearms the-ere’s no stress.
Then a-as our swi-ing speed do-oth increase
We may achie-eve a free-e release.

This i-is the wa-ay to ma-ake our swing
A wholly, pu-ure and beau-uteous thing.
And gi-ives our ba-all its heavenward flight
That sees it so-oaring o-out of sight.

[*For left-handers-
The li-ittle fi-inger o-of the left
Rides in right i-index fi-inger’s cleft.]

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