What Can We Do

What can we do to cut our scores

[Tune: God is Working His Purpose Out – MD Kingham]

What can we do to cut our scores
And our handicaps decrease?
We’ve read all the books,
And consulted the Pro.
Our efforts have not ceased.
We’ve hit lots o’ balls on the driving range,
And putts on the practice greens.
But when we tee it up
On the golf course itself,
All we get are comical scenes.

Our drive at the first is out of bounds.
On the second we’re in the sand.
Lost on the third;
In the pond on the fourth;
And the fifth gets out of hand:
In the lake at the sixth;
The seventh as well;
The eighth just drags on and on.
On the ninth hit a cow,
And when we turn for home,
All our early ho-opes are gone.

Now, old pal, just get a grip,
And steady down your swing.
Keep your eye on the ball,
And your feet on the ground,
And hit the “wee white” thing.
Bear up, my friend, you’re homeward bound,
There’s just nine holes to play.
With a par here and there
And a chip dropping in,
You may yet rede-em the day.


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