Golfing Star

Bob Rotella:  Golf is not a game of Perfect.

Who Wants to be a Golfing Star

[Tune: Who wants to be a millionaire – Cole Porter]

Who wants to be a golfing star, I don’t
Drive every tee-shot mighty far, I don’t
Who wants to always putt out each hole in par.
What each hole in par?
That’s going too far.
Who wants to chip in every time, I don’t
Never hit putts that run off line, I don’t
Or hole out with a horrid miscue, I don’t
And I don’t –
But I’d just like one 2.

Who wants to always miss the sand, I don’t
Have every stroke go just as planned, I don’t
Cream each approach so that it always drops in,
That would be a sin –
If they all went straight in.
Who wants to always clear the pond, I don’t
Always to land way, way beyond, I don’t
Who wants to strike each iron shot true, I don’t
And I don’t –
(slow) And that’s not what I do…and nor do you!

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