Dr Golf

Dr Golf

[Tune: The cod liver oil song ; starting with chorus – Traditional]

Oh doctor, oh doctor, oh dear Dr John,
Your advice on the swing is so clear and so strong –
You take up your address and your torso you coil,
And you keep both your feet lightly placed on the soil.

Your shoulders you turn just through ninety degrees,
Maintaining that wee bit of flex in your knees,
Your arms take an arc t’wards the nape of your neck.
Then you swish them back do-own, don’t hold them in check.

The club it should hinge with the wrists like a flail,
But that’s just the point where my best efforts fail.
The key to success is in timing, you say,
But co-or-din-ation is not my forte.

Oh doctor, oh doctor, oh dear Dr John,
Your skill it is great and your patience is long,
And I’m sure I’ll keep trying, as long as I live,
To put into practice the advice that you give.

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