Song Title To The Tune Of
We'll Hope for Birdies in the Spring Again We'll hope for lilacs in the spring again
Jungle Golfer I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book)
Go Slow Back Blue Danube
The Scratchman The Policeman's Song (The Pirates of Penzance)
Dr Golf The Cod Liver Oil Song
Putting Psalm Anglican Chant
Through Holy Grip Come Holy Ghost Our Souls Inspire
Hands Knee and Hands Knees and Boomps-a-Daisy
Swing Slow Old Golfing Man Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Nursery Putting Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake Baker's Man
Oh My Professional Oh Mister Porter What Can I Do
Home on the Range Home Home On The Range
Look a Golfer I Don't Want To Be A Soldier
The Waggle Messing About On The River
I Saw 3 Golfers Swinging By I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By
Our Greenkeeper He Set Out Good King Wenceslas
God Rest Ye Merry Golfing Men God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
In the Bleak Midwinter In The Bleak Midwinter
When this Winter Round What A Friend We Have In Jesus
The Captain's Lament Men of Harlech
The Guy who Found the Lost Ball The Guy Who Found The Lost Chord
The Golf Referee The Major-General's Song (The Pirates of Penzance)
The Captain's Drive-in We'll Keep A Welcome In The Hillsides
Anniversary Dinner Forty Years On (Harrow School Song)
Junior and Senior Golf Three Little Maid's (The Mikado)
The Song of the Golfer's Wife When I First Put This Uniform On (Patience)
Prize Day Hearts Of Oak
The Nineteenth Hole Ye Mar'ners All
Hole of hope and glory Land Of Hope And Glory
God Where's my Ball God Save The Queen
What can we do God Is Working His Purpose Out
Old Time Medley Various
Somewhere over the Rainbow Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Golf is a Many Splendour'd Thing Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing
Horrible Morning Oh What A Wonderful Morning
Every Time I Tee my Ball Every Time I Say Goodbye
Golfing Star Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
The Mystery of Golf Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life
Waltzing McGolfer Waltzing Matilda
One Day When We Were Young One Day When We Were Young
Jerusalem Jerusalem
If You Ever Come to Play If You Ever Go Across The Sea To Ireland
The Seniors' Choir Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
We'll Swing Again We'll Meet Again
We Swing Our Clubs We Plough The Fields And Scatter
This Type of Ball and That Ball The Holy And The Ivy
On Each Golf Day Morning Molly Malone
Give Me One Decent Score Give Me Five Minutes More
You Can Putt Your Shiny Golf Ball You Can Roll A Silver Dollar
Off Scratch Today Good Christian Men Rejoice
How Does He Swing So Beautif'ly Why Was He Born So Beautiful
Old Man Golfer Old Man River
This Old Man's a Golfer My Old Man's A Dustman

4 thoughts on “SONGS INDEX

    1. John Post author

      They are not indexed I’m afraid but you can go by the tunes:
      I saw 3 ships come sailing by…
      Good King Wenceslas…
      God rest ye merry gentlemen…
      In the bleak mid winter…
      The holly and the ivy…
      Good Christian men rejoice…
      Hope this helps and sorry for delay.


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