We’ll Hope for Birdies in the Spring Again

We’ll Hope for Birdies in the Spring Again
– from the film Perchance to Dream, ‘We’ll gather Lilacs in the spring again’

We’ll hope for birdies in the spring again,
When our arthritis let’s us swing again,
And Ibuprofen has relieved the pain,
So we can play once more.

And through the winter by the firelight’s glow,
We’ll close our eyes and visualise the flow
Of how the swing’s rotation ought to go,
As we doze off and snore.
And though spring’s far away,
And my game’s sad and grey,
I have a dream, a scheme to try.

I’m reading Hogan’s book.
I know how I should look,
When I swing thro-ough, balls will fly.

If I turn back within the plane,
I’ll find the perfect swing to make, again.
And when the spring comes and we’ve cleaned our clubs,
And massaged limbs with analgesic rubs,
Then we discover we’re the same old dubs,
When we add up our scores.

So come and join us in the clubhouse bar.
Let’s stop pretending we’re not what we are.
We’ll just remember those shots straight and far –
Why should we ask for more.

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